Why Driver’s Fitness is important in F1 Racing?


The fitness of the driver is important in Formula One racing. They are the highly conditioned athletes who could balance and survive in all conditions. They train their body in such a way it gets adapted to the exact needs of single seater top flight motor racing. The drivers who are passionate and crazy to enter in Formula One racing should experience a method of conditioning to manage the sport’s physical demands. The Formula One racing is the only sport in the world that requires a lot of physical experience and fitness activities. The driver needs to have a lot of endurance and stamina to participate in the race.

The Formula One cars have the capacity to create vast loadings, and for cornering force, the driver should sustain about 3.5 gram. It means the driver should be strong and healthy to drive for long distance races. The cockpit of Formula One will be extremely heat. It is high at the championship’s hotter rounds. It adds more strain to the driver’s body. At one course of the race, the drivers can sweat to an extreme where they may even lose about 3kilograms of their body weight.

If the driver is fitter and stronger, then he/she could easily participate in the Formula One racing. If they are less susceptible and weak, there are chances for them to lack concentration and feel tired in a short time. The Formula One racing is an ultimate experience for passionate car drivers. It has the international recognition. It is organized and participated by numerous countries every year.

The thrill and excitement of the sport are no way to equal to any other sports in the world. The sound of the car, style, appearance and its rugged look even tempts the viewers to experience the Formula One racing. The driver has to obey numerous rules to win the game. Though it may look simple, it is not a simple or easy job. It involves a lot of dedication, training, exercise and stamina to participate and last till the end.

The Formula One drivers will do intensive training like cardiovascular training before the season. They will follow a strict exercise program to balance their fitness levels. Some popular training methods include cycling, swimming, and running. The Formula One drivers also perform strength training. Apart from weight saving motives, they also ensure to remain cautious when building muscles. They experience unusual loadings in the chest and neck muscles, and these are highly targeted areas.

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