Pit stops in Formula One Racing

Pit stops in Formula One Racing

During the Formula One racing, the drivers are given more importance and attention. But the Formula One race game is a team game. The victory is not because of one person. It is wholly a team work. The pit stop is the place where the car is returned to good condition. In small time, the mechanics will replace the necessary parts in the vehicle and make it steady to face the race. It should be performed in a perfect manner which even a small mistake has chances of an accident or losing the race.

In olden days, the pit stop was not much organized. It took the players some time to get back to the race track. It was often chaotic and in confusion until the 1970’s. Moreover, there will be no communication between the car driver and pit stop professional. They will not stop in right place and always remained as confusion.

At present, the modern pit is comfortable and highly helpful. It helps the pit stop professionals to get arranged according to the driver’s requirements. They follow certain rules and regulation to make the game a success. During 1994, the refuelling was allowing during the race. It banned on 2009. Refuelling is completely banned during the final months of 2009. The driver visiting the pits remains breathtaking since they have to cross in quick and speed manner.

There will be mechanics waiting in the pits to assist the driver. They would make various adjustments when the driver stops the vehicle. Certain changes can be performed quickly. It includes altering the wings angle in the rear and front, decrease or increase downforce levels, and other tasks. Some tasks like replacing the repaired bodywork will take a long time. The mechanics will think about quick changes and perform in a few seconds.

When the mechanics finish repairing the car, they will raise their hands and signal to the driver.

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