Highlights Of Formula One


The term formula in Formula One will be denoting the set of rules that has to be followed by the player while taking part in the game. Earlier, this was termed as Formula A and this traces back to the earlier days of motor racing. The idea of Formula One championship was first discussed in the year 1930 but with the advent of World War II, the idea was shelved. Later in the year 1946, the same idea was rekindled, and this led to the decision of inaugurating of the first championship race. And it took four years in order to do proper detailing about this race, and in the year 1950, the first championship race was held at Silverstone in the month of May. It is also stated that the first F1 race happened a month earlier in Pau.

Out of the twenty races that were held, only seven had the ability to move towards the title in that particular season. Apart from this, there were a lot of non-championship races that continued till the year 1983, but a lot of them turned out to be unprofitable. There were many privateers in the race and the drivers brought their own cars and drove them. Still this track was dominated by the pre-war makes of Mercedes-Benz, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, and Ferrari. Giuseppe (“Nino”) Farina was the first person who won the championship. Juan Manuel Fangio is said to be the key driver of the year 1950’s as he managed to grab the titles in the years 1954, 1951, 1957, 1556 and 1955 with five different manufacturers.

This championship did not have a fantastic and seamless beginning. As a matter of fact, there was a lack of entrants in the year 1952 and 1953 which led to some change in rules in the pattern. Alberto Ascari was the person who won the race both the years. Around 20 makes were released in the 1950’s but most of them went out of the market quickly due to various reasons. The only make that managed to stick around is Ferrari. A disappointing factor here is there were about 13 drivers who were killed in the first decade of the race. Later, a lot of technological advancements were made in the cars that made sure both the performance of the vehicle as well as the safety was good when compared to the previous models.

A lot of changes were made in the car engines and structures. With time, the cars became slicker and faster making the game more interesting, exciting and adventurous both for the viewers and racers. The innovations had no end and took racing to the next level increasing the numbers of participants and viewers. It was in the early 1970’s that the entry costs started to increase. There are a lot of racers who have created history in this championship that cannot be ignored very easily by anyone. With time, the race also became very popular for behind the scene politics. The complaints and scandals started to grab the spotlight rather than the championship results.

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